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Michael J Fitch is delighted to present his exclusive Premier Magic Collection Set

This limited edition box contains some of the best tricks to amaze your friends and family and start your own journey into the world of magic…

  • Make money appear or magically produce your business card inside the Magic Wallet

  • Transform a blank pack of cards into a regular deck with the incredible Blank Deck

  • Perform impossible card tricks with the Automatic Deck

  • Make a red silk mysteriously vanish at your fingertips, with the amazing Disappearing Handkerchief

  • Use the regular Deck to perform some amazing tricks in Michael's Top Secret ‘Seeing Is Believing’ booklet


Containing Michael J Fitche's Top Secret Seeing is Believing Booklet, Blank & Automatic Deck, Magic Wallet, Regular Deck and Disappearing Handkerchief.







Order your limited edition Premier Magic Collection box here for just £25 including Post & packaging

Michael J Fitch started his magic career with a magic set at the age of four and has not looked back since, having had various television appearances and his own sell-out theatre shows he is one of the UK’s top magicians performing all over the country and abroad.

“I have been asked so many times from aspiring magicians
to find tricks that will get great reactions.This box contains
some real ‘Classics of Magic’ Remember to practice them all
before you perform them, and keep the secrets to yourself”

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